What makes Marina Port Vell so special?

by | 9, Jun 2023 | Experiences

Marina Port Vell is a unique place that offers a wide range of exclusive experiences for sea and sailing lovers. In this article, we will explain the reasons why Marina Port Vell stands out and discover some of the unforgettable experiences that can be enjoyed in this maritime enclave. Additionally, we will highlight the special presence of Sondevela, a company that has made its mark in this port by offering exceptional nautical experiences.

Exclusive experiences that make Marina Port Vell special

Marina Port Vell is much more than just a harbor. It is a destination that provides unique experiences for those who wish to explore the wonders of the sea. From thrilling boat rides to luxurious catamarans, Marina Port Vell has something for all boating enthusiasts. Discover the freedom of sailing the waves on a vessel of your choice and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline.

Within Marina Port Vell, Sondevela stands out as a company that has earned a solid reputation for providing exclusive nautical experiences.. Sondevela takes pride in offering its clients unforgettable adventures at sea.. Whether you desire an exciting, all-inclusive private excursion on a luxury catamaran, Sondevela has got you covered. Their dedicated crew makes sure that you have a great time, and try to make your experience unique and memorable!

This year, Sondevela aims to innovate with their new experiences on board the perfectly equipped Bali 4.1 catamaran:

Why should you visit Marina Port Vell?

Whether you are a sailing enthusiast or simply wish to enjoy a relaxing day on the water, Marina Port Vell is the perfect place for you. In addition to the stunning beauty of the harbor and top-notch facilities, the presence of Sondevela adds a special touch to the experience. Imagine sailing on crystal-clear waters, feeling the sea breeze on your face, and enjoying the luxury and comfort that only Marina Port Vell can offer.

Special events at Marina Port Vell

Marina Port Vell is also known for hosting special events that attract sailing enthusiasts from around the world. One of the most prominent events is the 2024 America’s Cup, an exciting competition that brings together the best sailors and international teams.. Additionally, Marina Port Vell organizes themed events, yacht parties, and sea-related activities, guaranteeing a truly unique experience.


America's Cup 2024 Marina Port Vell


Marina Port Vell is an exceptional maritime destination that offers exclusive experiences for sailing lovers. From thrilling boat adventures to the prominent presence of Sondevela, this harbor is the perfect place for those seeking the perfect combination of luxury, comfort, and maritime exploration.. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Marina Port Vell and discover everything this special place has to offer. Get ready to create unforgettable memories in this unique maritime enclave!

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