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Welcome to Sondevela!

We are a family-owned local company founded in 2018 in Barcelona. The project was born with the aim of combining two of our passions: a love for the sea and gastronomy with local products. We saw in our city an opportunity to offer something different from what was available at that time, and it aligned with our dream. Therefore, we decided to embark on the adventure and choose the ideal boat. We carefully analyzed the different types of boats and discovered that catamarans were perfect for offering unique and exclusive experiences. Thanks to these years, we can say that Sondevela specializes in providing a unique and luxurious nautical experience. Our goal is to offer an unforgettable adventure at sea with high-quality service and the most comfortable boats.

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At Sondevela, we are passionate about providing our guests with an exceptional experience that exceeds their expectations. We achieve this through the following key features:


Our fleet of catamarans is selected to ensure the highest levels of comfort and stability. We believe that catamarans are the best boats for enjoying a nice journey on the sea.

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Professional Crew

Our experienced crew is passionate about providing exceptional service to our guests. We pride ourselves on our team’s expertise and their ability to make our guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Customizable Experiences

We offer a range of customizable experiences that are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each guest. From private charters to team building events, we can create a bespoke experience that is perfect for any occasion.

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Marina Port Vell location

Prime location

We are located in Marina Port Vell, the oldest and most central port in Barcelona. Recently named as the preferred port for superyachts in Barcelona.

Eco-friendly purposes

We are committed to promoting sustainable tourism. We have the Biosphere certification. It is a voluntary and independent certification system for sustainable tourism. It promotes the development of the tourism industry in a sustainable way, while promoting the social and cultural authenticity of each destination and community.

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About us

Quick and secure bookings

Our booking system allows us to offer the possibility of booking your rental or experience quickly, securely, and without surprises on our website.

Thank you for considering Sondevela for your nautical adventure in Barcelona.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard and showing you the beauty of the Barcelona coastline!

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