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The Sondevela Project

by | 12, May 2022 | News

Transparency is the key between the company-client relationship, and that is why we want you to get to know the Sondevela project.

Is there a better way to trust a service than to know its roots?

We don’t think so. That’s why we’re going to tell a little bit about our history.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and creation. These are words that we have heard a lot in recent years, even so, it is not so many people who have the courage and desire to do so. This was not the case of Adrià and Clàudia, two brothers who shared a passion: the sea.

People behind The Sondevela Project

Adrià was an agricultural engineer, he had studied his degree at the ESAB (Escuela Superior de Agricultura de Barcelona). Characterized by his motivation to learn, he had always wanted to embark on the adventure of creating his own company.

On the other hand, Clàudia, in love with cooking, studied Sciences and gastronomic arts at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián.

They both thought about how they could mix all these things to form a company and the equation was solved by itself: Sondevela. The perfect occasion to merge their passion for the seas and gastronomy. There was a gap in the market, a need to cover, a new concept to create: A gastronomic experience of personalized treatment on board a boat. It was not just another huge catamaran to celebrate macro parties of eighty or ninety people; it was something more private, more detailed and more personal.

The first option was a sailboat, but after analyzing all the options they opted for a catamaran, more specifically, a Bali 4.1. Its design with very innovative areas is designed for the comfort of the customer.