Winter sailing

by | 9, Feb 2024 | Artículos, Experiences

The idea of sailing a boat in winter may not seem very wise, but the reality is that it has its advantages and its charm. The fresh breeze, the calm sea and the unique sunsets would be perfect examples. At Sondevela we will give you a few reasons why winter sailing is worth your time, so take a boat trip and sail in winter. This is an experience that you will surely remember with a smile on your face.

Greater availability of boats in winter

Due to the low demand that prevails at this time of the year, those who want to go boating in winter have the advantage of being able to select from a wide range of available models.

Good weather conditions

For many enthusiasts, boating is more than just a hobby; it is a real necessity. Even in the winter months, most Spanish coasts provide good weather conditions for those who yearn to get out on the water and enjoy the sea.

Although the atmosphere is colder than in spring-autumn, it is an ideal time due to the calmness of the sea during these months.

For those who are less accustomed to sailing, it would be a good time to make a passage by boat and have a great first experience.

Sailing in winter is calmer

The direct consequence of the reduced nautical activity is an atmosphere of greater tranquility, silence and serenity at sea. For example, that cove that during the summer is crowded and

Get better prices and offers during winter

As usual, in winter the prices are usually reduced, and with everything we have told you above, you can have a very similar experience to the summer months for a reduced price or find a bargain. At Sondevela, we have different offers during these months. At Sondevela, we have different offers during these months, so make the most of it while it lasts and go sailing!