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What are the parts of a catamaran?

by | 21, Jun 2024 | Artículos

The Catamaran is a vessel that has two parallel hulls that are the same size. They are connected by an upper structure that usually includes a deck. This has a number of advantages over single hull boats. Thus, we find greater stability, higher speed and more deck space. Today, at Sondevela, we are going to talk about some of the parts of the catamaran, to better understand our boats.

The parts of a catamaran

All parts of the catamaran are important, of course, but we are going to talk about the most relevant ones in order to have some general knowledge:

  • Hulls: As we have already said, the catamaran has two parallel hulls that are in contact with the water and give it that stability.
  • Deck: The deck is the upper part that connects the two hulls thanks to the Crossbeam, which is a crossbar where the two hulls are joined. As is logical, this part contains almost all the functional areas such as the helm, cockpit, sunbathing area, navigation equipment, etc.
  • Mast: Although nowadays, many catamarans are motorised, the mast is a vital part of the boat, as it is the main mast where the sails go.
  • Mainsail: This is the main sail that will be mounted on the mast and will provide most of the catamaran’s propulsion.
  • Rudders: Like all boats, the rudders are used to control the direction of the catamaran. They are located at the back of the hull.
  • Boom: This is a secondary mast which is connected to the mast and which guides and supports the mainsail.
  • Stern stay: These are the cables that hold the mast at the back to keep it in position.
  • Forestay: These are the cables that attach to the mast at the front of the catamaran and also hold the mast in position.
  • Sheeting: These are the ropes that are used to control all the sails.

What do the parts of a catamaran provide?

All the parts of the catamaran give us a series of important characteristics that we have already discussed. However, these characteristics may vary depending on the purpose of the boat. Whether we are talking about a catamaran to compete, for example, in the America’s Cup; or whether we are referring to a leisure-oriented catamaran, as in the case of Sondevela; both have different objectives, therefore, their parts, weight and materials will vary a little.

In general, the main characteristics they provide us with are speed, stability, space and the low draught they have, which allows them to sail closer to the coast.

As a curiosity, other uses given to the catamaran are for passenger transport, rescue and patrolling at sea and for research and marine work. As we can see, it is a very versatile type of vessel.

Other interesting parts

We continue exploring the parts of a catamaran, and there are many more parts that make it up and some only have some models, as is the case of the engine. This part is usually used when there is not enough wind and there is usually an engine and a secondary auxiliary one. Our catamaran also has an engine.

It will probably seem obvious to some of you, but a catamaran also has a compass, which will allow orientation in any case.

Not everyone knows that in the lower part of the hull we find the centreboard, which gives us extra stability, especially against the side wind and also helps us to maintain our position.

As we can see, there are so many parts of a catamaran. So we can’t name them all here, but what we can tell you are all the experiences and bookings you can make with Sondevela, that we have a luxury catamaran for you to relax, have fun, eat, or just enjoy the sea in private.