Teambuilding Activities

by | 12, May 2022 | Experiences

We often wonder what the techniques are for business success and the truth is that there are many keys that must be pressed to get to the top. One of them, in fact, one of the most important is team chemistry.

We worked on this concept since we were kids at school; where it was not the same to do a job with your friends, with whom you had a good working environment, than to do it with three kids you barely knew.

In the business world it is the same!

It is necessary to create links between the members of the work teams to improve the chemistry of the group. For this there are Teambuilding activities.

In this type of activity, the employees of a company or business enjoy a collaborative experience that allows them to get to know each other better and gradually create a good working atmosphere.


Stay on the Catamaran as a Teambuilding Activity

From Sondevela we propose the following activity for your team. A group experience that you will always remember with a smile.

How do you think the group would develop if they had to live together for a weekend on our catamaran?

This special experience would humanize the employees and would allow everyone to have a closer idea of the personality of each of the team members.

Think of how much fun it could be: doing aquatic activities, prolonging the after-meals until the sunset on the deck, etc.

Also think about how constructive the complicated situations of living together on the catamaran would be; everyone must help each other, collaborate and from time to time put the interests of the group before their own,

just like in the office!