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How to enjoy Barcelona’s winter postcard

by | 12, May 2022 | Experiences

Barcelona is the fourth most visited city in Europe. The charm of Mediterranean culture, accompanied by a climate envied in the rest of the continent and a unique cuisine, causes millions of foreigners to choose it as a destination each summer.

I don’t think this information will surprise anyone, anyone who has walked by the Ramblas in the summer will know how attractive the city is for foreigners.


Everyone knows how Barcelona looks like in summer, but how Barcelona looks like in winter?


the answer is simple: even better. Now I will ask you to make the effort to close your eyes, relax and try to imagine the next situation: You are on Christmas holidays, the holidays are over, but taking advantage of the fact that you are still in Barcelona, you have decided to go for a walk around the Barri Gótic with your friends.

The temperature is great, it’s not hot, but it’s cold enough for you to feel the body wam wrapped by the coat and gloves. You’re having a great time!

You’d like to stay immersed in that landscape all your life, but it’s dinner time and you’ve been walking all day. You and your friends go to the port, there, one of them says: “We could have dinner on a boat!”

You all laugh. But it turns out that there is the possibility of having dinner aboard an intimate catamaran sailing the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Obviously you don’t think about it.

As soon as you enter, you feel the need to take off your coat. Do you know that feeling you get when you cover yourself with the quilt after getting cold? That’s how you feel, and you shouldn’t be crazy, because all your friends do the same thing. The table is set in an excellent way and the food…

What a look!

You start having dinner and little by little you forget that you are on a boat, you thought you were going to get dizzy, but you are already with the dessert and a glass of cava. It is in this when you remember: you’re on a boat. Then you look back. The postcard is unforgettable.

You had never stopped to think how beautiful Barcelona could become illuminated, at night, from the sea.