How to celebrate Valentine’s Day

by | 14, Feb 2024 | Experiences

February 14th is a day that for many is special, and regardless of those who hate Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of ideas to make the best plan for lovers. In this post, we are going to tell you how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an original way, and hopefully, love will do the rest.

Walking around the city and seeing places of interest

If you’re a busy person, you may not have realised that your city is more beautiful than you thought it was, or that you hadn’t been admiring it properly. So, a good way to start the day is to visit places of interest in your city, town or a nearby location to have a leisurely stroll and chat about the things you have in common to further strengthen your bond.

Choosing an SPA is always a good plan for Valentine’s Day

Relaxing with your loved one is one of the best plans, whether it is Valentine’s Day or not, but February 14th is a good excuse to relax from all the stress. This is sure to be a good way to reconnect with yourself and enjoy time with your partner, who will surely appreciate a space and time of pampering for both of you. So, it’s the perfect experience to open or close the day. At Sondevela we have an experience that consists of an SPA on board a catamaran.

Dinner in a Romanesque restaurant

We all like to eat well, but even more with good company and in a pleasant atmosphere. And what better plan to round off this special day than to dine in a restaurant with a romantic, comfortable atmosphere and pleasant music.

Watching the sunset on Valentine’s Day

We know that you have often asked yourself the question of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, what plan is going to be better, where to take my date, will she like it… Sometimes the simplest things are the best option. And the fact is that watching the sunset gives you the chance to chat, as well as to generate that romantic atmosphere that we sometimes overlook. Whether strolling, sitting on a terrace or on a private boat, watching the sunset is always a good plan.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Sondevela

Would you like to celebrate a more luxurious and different February 14th? If so, you should check out Sondevela’s experiences to make this day even more memorable and special.