Design and Architecture of the AC 75

by | 27, Nov 2023 | Artículos

The design and architecture of the AC75 have redefined the world of competitive sailing. These monohulls with foils represent the latest evolution of the America’s Cup Class.

They boast a combination of cutting-edge technology, stunning aesthetics, and unparalleled performance. At Sondevela, we will explore the design, the history of its development, and the extraordinary capabilities of the AC75.

The Design and Architecture of AC 75 is a Marvel of Modern Sailboat Design

The Design of the AC 75

The AC 75, or America’s Cup 75, is a monohull sailboat designed exclusively for the America’s Cup, one of the world’s most prestigious yacht races. The design of this boat significantly deviates from traditional sailboats, incorporating numerous innovations that enable remarkable speed and agility on the water.

The Design of the AC 75

The Key Features of the AC 75

Foil Technology: The most distinctive feature of the AC 75 is its foiling capability. Foiling involves lifting the boat’s hull out of the water on hydrofoils, making it “fly” above the water surface. This dramatically reduces aerodynamic resistance and allows for much higher speeds than conventional sailboats.

T-shaped Inclined Foils: Each AC 75 is equipped with a pair of T-shaped hydrofoils that can be adjusted to provide lift and stability. These foils extend from the sides of the hull and the bottom of the boat. The ability to control the foils is a critical factor in maintaining balance and control while sailing with foils.

The Design of the AC 75

Wing Sail: The AC 75 features a massive rigid wing sail, similar to those used in catamarans. This wing sail design generates substantial power and efficiency, contributing to the impressive speed of the vessel.

Adjustable Crew Positions: To maintain stability during foiling, the AC 75 crew can move around the boat. They can slide to windward to counteract heeling forces and adjust weight distribution as needed.

AC 75's crew

History of the Design

The AC 75 is part of a long history of innovation in sailboat design for the America’s Cup, a competition dating back to 1851. The idea of monohull sailboats with foils emerged from the desire to make the competition more exciting and accessible to a wider audience. In 2017, the winning team from the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Emirates Team New Zealand, introduced the concept of monohulls with foils, ultimately leading to the development of the AC 75 for the 36th America’s Cup in 2021.

The design process involved collaboration among engineers, naval architects, and professional sailors, seeking a balance between cutting-edge technology, speed, and the tradition of the America’s Cup. The result was the creation of the AC 75, a boat that pushes the boundaries of sail technology.


The design and technology of the AC 75 have resulted in extraordinary capabilities that make it an exciting addition to the America’s Cup. Some of its capabilities include:

Speed: It can reach speeds of up to 50 knots (approximately 57 miles per hour), making it one of the fastest monohull sailboats ever built.

Agility: Foil technology and adjustable hydrofoils allow the AC 75 to navigate tight turns and quickly change direction, enhancing its agility during races.

Spectacle: The sight of these boats “flying” over the water has captivated the imagination of sailing enthusiasts and brought a new level of excitement to the America’s Cup, attracting a wider audience.

Competition: The AC 75 has revitalized the America’s Cup, with highly competitive and thrilling races pushing sailors to the limit.

The Triumph of the Design and Architecture of the AC 75

The AC 75 model is a triumph of modern sailboat design, offering a blend of innovation and tradition that embodies the spirit of the America’s Cup. Its innovative foil technology, massive wing sail, and extraordinary speed have redefined yacht racing. As the America’s Cup continues to evolve, the AC 75 stands as a testament to the ongoing pursuit of excellence and excitement in the world of competitive sailing.