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Boat lunch for your company

by | 19, Oct 2023 | Experiences

With Sondevela you can organise a luxurious lunch on a boat for your company. You can also organise dinners, or simply a get-together for team building, an event or a business meeting. We provide the comfort, the food and the wellbeing.

Have you ever thought that your next dinner, get-together or business lunch could be on a boat?

We have it clear, the objective is to eat at ease and have a good time. Having a luxurious and different from the conventional is important and can make a big difference as a company, but we cannot forget the main event: the food. At Sondevela we have a chef and the best catering so that both you and your employees can enjoy the best food possible.

A special event for your company

Work ties can be, to a greater or lesser extent, important for your company. That’s why making such a recurring event as a company lunch or dinner, a special occasion that will give a lot of life and atmosphere. We all know that building a good atmosphere is ideal for the betterment of everyone, especially in companies.

And what happens after dinner?

Sondevela has the best cocktail bar you will find on a boat, because we take care of the details. This way you can end the event the way you want to end it, or start the party if you are going to continue it. We have a unique atmosphere that you won’t find in any other restaurant.

You can have lunch on a boat in low season

Now that the low season is approaching, at Sondevela we are preparing different options so that you can have your dinner or business lunch on our catamaran. So, you can hold your business event without leaving the port, but without losing the luxury and class that a boat and Sondevela offer you. This way, those who are more seasick will have no problem enjoying this very special business lunch.